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Challenge Garapon with BINGO!


Relaxation Zone Shokusaikan 8th Anniversary Festival & 3rd Flower Marche Joint Project [Garapon Challenge at BINGO! ] Let's get a prize at (1) If you purchase 800 yen or more at a store in the relaxation zone for 2 days on May 20 (Saturday) and 21 (Sunday), you will get one BINGO card, and you can also tell you different numbers for each store. (2) After getting a BINGO card, find numbers scattered in the relaxation zone, flower marche venue, bustling zone store, etc. and aim for BINGO! (3) When you become BINGO, let's challenge the Galapon lottery at the venue of the Flower Marche!    If you win the Galapon lottery, you will receive a vegetable set, ramen, etc.!  Come and challenge the lottery for a little nice(*´▽`*)! #Toretate Food Club #Fukuroi City #Farmers' Market #Event #Relaxation Zone Shokusaikan 8th Anniversary Festival #3rd Flower Marche #Joint Project #BINGO #Bingo #Garapon #Garapon Lottery #GiveawayGet#GetdazeLanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Flower Marche Events


The 3rd Flower Marche will also hold ♪ fun events. ◆20th (Sat) ・Ranchu World's Medaka Scooping (250 yen per session) ・Nishimura Farm's picture book reading ( @nishimuranouen ) (1) 10 a.m. (2) 11 a.m. (3) 1:30 p.m. (4) 2:30 p.m. 15 minutes each You are free to come and go. ・Petite Fleur workshop ( @puchihuru_9 ) Succulent planting experience    (1) 9:30 a.m. (2) 11 a.m. (3) 1 p.m. ・ First 8 people each time (reservation priority) * Reservation is May 19th 9 o'clock ~ Please call the Toretate Food Club ・ Participation fee: 2000 yen per person ◆ 21st (Sun) ・ Ranchu World Medaka scoop (250 yen per time) ・ Nishimura Farm picture book reading ( @nishimuranouen ) (1) 10 o'clock (2) 11 o'clock (3) 13:30 (4) 14:30 15 minutes each time You can come and go freely. ・ Mr. Sakuma's pony feeding experience ( @farm_house_berry ) 13 ~ 15 o'clock It will be a first-come, first-served basis (The photo is an image.) It's not real).. read more


The 3rd Flower Marche

2023May 18, 2016

We will hold face-to-face sales of flowers by popular cut flower producers and a flea market where delicious goods and miscellaneous goods popular at events are lined up. May 20 (Sat) and 21 (Sun) *Cancelled in case of stormy weather ◆Face-to-face sales of flowers ◎20th (Sat) ・Akiko Oba (can be purchased from 1 rose cut flower) ・Hidemasa Ogi, Beauty Flower, Suzuki F, Haruo Oba (seasonal cut flowers, potted flowers, etc.) ・Yuriko Aoki (dried flowers, miscellaneous goods, etc.) ◎21st (Sun) ・Hidemasa Ogi, Beauty Flowers (seasonal cut flowers, potted flowers, etc.) ◆Food & Flea Market ◎20th (Sat) ・Nishimura Farm (Japanese black tea, cotton candy) ・Hideo Iwamoto (grilled with ayu salt) ・Toki pudding (pudding) ・Atsuminya (green papaya product) ・Fukuya (okowa, Japanese sweets, Western sweets) ・Re.Salt (side dish) ・ORACCHI (rice flour pizza), Enshu olive (olive oil) ・Shigehisa Ito (herbal tea) ・Mutsumi Yamamoto (natural honey) ・Amane Farm (tomato) ・ Dandelion Joint Work Center (vegetables, frankfurters, etc.) ・ Hato Fudo Beniju (apples, soba noodles, etc.) ・ COREM (apron, handkerchief, etc.) ・ Chiharu Harano (bag, pouch, etc.) ◎ 21st (Sun) ・ Nishimura Farm (Japanese black tea, cotton candy) ・ Hideo Iwamoto (grilled with ayu salt) ・ Toki pudding (pudding) ・ Shinobi tea (pound cake) ・ Re.Salt (side dish) ・ Mokara (canelé) ・ Meshiya edge (side dish, soup) ・ Muramatsu Refinery (sesame oil, okaki) ・ Koto fruit (fruit sandwich) ・ en& ... CHIFFON (chiffon cake) ・Tonkii (pork skewers, guru guru wieners) ・Iwata Rice Land (onigiri) ・Kiwake Foods (seafood) ・Eel Potato Cooperative Association (eel potato products) ・Enshu olive (olive oil), Shigehisa Ito (herbal tea) ・Hato Fudo Beniju (apples, soba noodles, etc.), Rice field art Kikukawa (bamboo work, etc.) ・COREM (apron, handkerchief, etc.) ・Chiharu Harano (bags, pouches, etc.).. read more


Relaxation Zone 8th Anniversary Festival (2)

2023May 17 -

At the terrace seats of the 8th anniversary festival of the relaxation zone, you can ♪ enjoy exciting music with lunch, coffee, and dessert. ・ 20th Datte Andante [Performance of original arrangements that fuse famous Showa songs from Western music to nursery rhymes] (1)11:30 (2)12:30 (3)2:30 p.m. (3)2 p.m. 30 p.m. each time Enshū Fukuroi Taiko Preservation Association 〔Please enjoy the powerful Japanese drum performance!] 〕 30 minutes from 3 p.m. (cancelled in case of rain) ・ 21st (Sat) From Fukuroi City Kei Yamazaki Flute recital ( @kei_flute_compose ) [A wide range of original songs, classical, pop songs, etc. will be enjoyed with the sound of the flute] (1)11:30 (2)12:30 (3)13:30 30 minutes each #とれたて食楽部 #袋井市 #農産物直売所 #憩いゾーン食彩館 #憩いゾーン #8周年祭 #テラス席 #Music#datteandante #ダッテアンダンテ #遠州袋井太鼓保存会 #和太鼓 #山﨑景 #フルートリサイタル #心躍る #楽しい一時 #ランチ.. read more


Relaxation Zone 8th Anniversary Festival


At the 8th anniversary festival of the Relaxation Zone Shokusaikan, each store will give customers a special service for only two days ◆Honey! honey?( @honeyhoneytoretate ) We will offer a daily set meal at a 200 yen discount! (Regular tax included 1650 yen) * Plate lunch and other set meals are not eligible. ◆Bella Massa ( @bellamassafukuroi ) Limited to the first 16 people each day, 1 cut of special pudding will be added for in-store food and beverages of 3000 yen or more per accounting. ◆TREEBELL ( @treebellkitchen ) We will give you 1 special macaron for parfait orders of 1000 yen or more. ◆2961Coffee ( @2961coffee ) Limited to the first 8 people each day, we will attach coffee jelly to the thick toast set limited to Saturdays and Sundays (usually only on weekdays) ◎ You can also enjoy music on the terrace!  See you tomorrow!! #とれたて食楽部 #袋井市 #農産物直売所 #旬鮮旬食 #憩いゾーン食彩館 #憩いゾーン #8周年祭 #Honey!Honey!!.. read more


Event Announcements


The 8th Anniversary Festival & 3rd Flower Marche of Relaxation Zone Shokusaikan will be held on May 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun)! In addition, we will also hold [Garapon at BINGO] where you can enjoy both events in their entirety. Please invite your friends to the freshly caught food club this weekend! I'm sure you'll have a good time.(´▽`*)♪ The detailed status of each event will be updated sequentially from tomorrow, so please look forward to it! #とれたて食楽部 #袋井市 #農産物直売所 #旬鮮旬食 #営業案内 #イベント情報 #information #憩いゾーン食彩館 #憩いゾーン #8周年祭 #周年祭 #賑わいゾーン #フラワーマルシェ #BINGO #ガラポン #音楽と美味しい物 #花と美味しい物Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Galapon Lottery


Today and tomorrow, the Golden Week Special Galapon Lottery will be held! You can participate in the lottery once for a total of 3000 yen or more of pink receipts issued until today. You can win ♪ popular products that are shipped to the freshly picked food club. We will hold a Galapon lottery for the first time in a long time, so we are also looking forward to it a little(*´▽`*) Please come and challenge yourself! !! #Freshly Eaten Food Club #Fukuroi City #Farmers' Market #Event#Announcement#Garapon Lottery #Garapon #Pink Receipt Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


I accompanied the winners


Today, with the customer who won the first prize in Spring Thanksgiving, I went to Bellfarm's tomato farm tour and Kiwi Fruit Country JAPAN barbecue together. I was able to hear things that I didn't know before, such as Bellfarm's commitment to tomato cultivation, how to select fruits, and how to choose delicious tomatoes, and it was good that everyone seemed to enjoy it unexpectedly.(´▽`*) Barbecue at Kiwi Fruit Country JAPAN Is it a hurdle to barbecue together with people who meet for the first time? I was thinking, but everyone else got along well and enjoyed it, and we had a great time.( *'艸') There was also an all-you-can-eat kiwi, and this time I was able to taste two varieties, Hayward, which is the most commonly seen, and Koryoku, a high-class variety. Bus tour with customers after a really long time There are still many things to be concerned about, but it was a day that I felt that it would be good if we could share more fun times with customers and producers in the future. Thank you very much to Bell Farm, Kiwi Fruit Country, and everyone who cooperated with us! #とれたて食楽部 #袋井市 #農産物直売所 #春の感謝祭 #当選者 #ご招待 #バスツアー #ベルファーム #ベルファーム菊川 #あかでみ #あかでみトマト.. read more


Pink receipt until tomorrow!

2023On February 18.

Pink receipts for applying for the Spring Thanksgiving Day will be issued until tomorrow, Sunday, the 19th. The application deadline will be until 7 p.m. on Monday, the 20th, the day after tomorrow. Please check your pink receipt and apply! #とれたて食楽部 #静岡県 #袋井市 #農産物直売所 #イベント #お知らせ #春の感謝祭 #間もなく終了 #ピンクレシート #応募してね #キウイフルーツカントリーjapan #キウイフルーツカントリー #バーベキュー #BBQ #ベルファーム #トマト #農場見学 #あかでみトマト #ご招待 #商品券 #当たるかも! #お忘れなくLanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Spring Thanksgiving is underway


◎【Spring Thanksgiving】Now Held◎ Please attach a total of 3,000 or more pink receipts issued until Sunday, February 19 to the application form. After ★ drawing lots 10 pairs and 20 people will be invited to barbecue at Kiwi Fruit Country and ★Bell Farm's tomato farm 500 yen gift certificate for the freshly picked food club We will give you one of the above as a gift. The application deadline is Monday, February 20. #TorefreshFood Club #Fukuroi City #Farmers' Market #Event#Announcement#Spring Thanksgiving #Pink Receipt#Entry#Lottery#Kiwifruit Country#Bell Farm#InvitationLanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.