3-3 Yamanamicho, Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture
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This is a special site for selling tickets for the fireworks in Fukuroi Enshu ***

* All viewing tickets are sold out *

★ Family seats and block seats on the special online site are sold out ★
★ Family seats and block seats sold at physical stores are ★ sold out
★ Chair seats were also sold out ★

● Tickets will be shipped by the end of the month following the application is accepted.
(It may take up to 2 weeks to ship)

Toretate Shokugakubu is a safe and secure restaurant created by local people. We sell only products that clearly state producers and processors and have clear shipping locations.
It has been loved by customers for 16 years! It is a farmers' market operated by Plan Eco.

What is implemented as a safety measure for customers and employees.

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Honey! Honey!! 【Kozo-kun's gourmet】

Honey! Honey!! Gourmet video by !?
On the way from Fukuroi Station to the Freshly Taken Food Club, the lively zone of the Freshly Taken Food Club, and the relaxation zone Shokusaikan, are also introduced, so this is one that you should definitely see!(^▽^)!

↓ ↓ Hamazo Blog [Vegetable Chatting] is here ↓ ↓

A well-made village

↓ ↓ This month we are introducing producers of cabbage, tomatoes and roses ↓ ↓

Greetings from the manager

Well-made mobile sales

We load a lot of shipments such as local fresh vegetables and fruits and daily necessities, and go around to the community center, public hall, home, etc. in two mobile sales vehicles to the local people!

◎Monday morning・Yanagihara・Disaster Prevention Center Baba・Kasahara (Misawa area)
☆ Biweekly Tsukimi no Sato Gakuyukan

◎Closed on Tuesdays

◎Wednesday morning・・・Higashi-Dogasa・Kasahara (towards Miwa and Minami-ku)
☆ Biweekly Asaba South, North, East Laughter Classes
Afternoon: Tahara area (Takao and Matsubukuroi area)

◎Thursday morning・・・Shinbori・Kasahara (for Komisen, Nishi-ku)
☆ Bi-weekly laughter classes in Asaba West, Fukuroi South, and East
Afternoon: Tahara area (Hirooka / Shinike area), Asaba Minami area (Minato / Higashi Dogasa area)

◎Friday morning・・・Asaba (around Padi), Chu Community Center, Toyosawa area
☆ Biweekly laughter classes in Fukuroi Nishi, Kasahara, and Toyosawa
Afternoon: Horikoshi, Hirooka, Kaminukina, Kōnan area

◎Saturday morning・・・Toyozumi・Tahara area・Asaba west direction

◎Closed on Sundays

◆ We are still looking for sales destinations due to the increase in mobile sales vehicles! !!
◆ For detailed location and time zone, please contact the mobile sales representative.

Coin polishing (west parking lot north entrance)

1You can select 7 levels of rice from minutes to unwashed rice.

Polish rice for 100 yen up to 10 kg!

Business hours from 8:00 to 20:00 (It may be shortened business such as year-end and New Year holidays)
*Closed on Tuesdays

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