2024February 14 -


From today [Spring Thanksgiving SaleHeld!!

Please attach a pink receipt issued between February 14th ~ 26th for a total of 3,000 yen or more as one unit on the application form.

The first prize in the lottery is Honey! honey?Lunch & Little Red Riding Hood's strawberry picking tour invitation, 2nd and 3rd prizes will win a gift certificate ♪ for the freshly picked food club

◎ Tour invitation date and time: March 31 (Sun) 11 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.

Pink receipt issuance period is from February 14 (Wed) ~ 26 (Mon)
*The application deadline is Wednesday, February 28.

◆ Tips & Requests when applying ◆
・Write your name, address, and phone number in easy-to-read characters for anyone to see.
(It may be invalid if you can't read it or if the phone number is not written)
・ If you are unlikely to be able to go even if you win the first prize, if you write on the application form that you would like a gift certificate, etc., you will not be troubled by each other after the announcement of the winner.

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