2023July 16 -

Mr. Nakamura of Mori Town is shippingYamato Rouge


Developed by Yamato Farm in Nara Prefecture, which is attracting attention this year
First in JapanofRed sweet cornAre.

From the moment you peel it, you will be captivated by the reddish-purple color of the ultra-vivid dark eyes.

Compared to Sweet Daughter and Gold Rush, the sweetness is not so strong.
It is slightly firm and has a crisp texture and a gentle sweetness like sweet potato.

This distinctive red color is anthocyanin.
When boiled, the color and nutrients flow out, so it is better to steam or bake the skin if possible.

It is also recommended to make salads and sweets by taking advantage of the color.(*´▽`*)♪

For more information, see Seed and Seedling Manufacturers'Yamato FarmCheck out his website!

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