2023February 1, 2008

Freshly Eaten Food Club Bustling Zone Scheduled for February


I've put it on it or not put it on it so far.
I will post a calendar every month as much as possible.
Please use it as a reference for your visit.

・Mumi-san・・・Sales of accessories such as natural stones and tourmaline
・ Kimagure shop・・・ Over-the-counter sales of takoyaki, yakisoba noodles, etc.
・Waseda Farm・・・Sales of apples from Nagano Prefecture (February 4th may be the last day)
・Ginger shop・・・Over-the-counter sales of baked and dried potatoes

* Valentine's Day afternoon tea is by reservation only.
For details and reservation applications, please contact the person in charge.

As of Monday, January 30, the use of electronic money other than LienCard (WAON, nanaco, transportation, Edy, ID card) has ended, so it will no longer be available from today.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
* Credit card payment, PayPay, and other QR payments can be used as before.

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